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Eco Starland Group's Director Lim Wei Chi was awarded High Flyer Award 2019

Lim Wei Chi - Our agropreneur at Eco Starland Group

As the Director of Eco Starland Berhad, Lim Wei Chi is committed and driven in creating a complete and sustainable durian value chain ecosystem, whilst corporatize durian plantation into a global innovative enterprise industry.

These are some excerps from his interview with us,

“Making the Impossible Possible” got me into this durian plantation business. Currently, there is no company in Malaysia that deals or involves 100% in durian plantations solely. I want to make my company the first in Malaysia doing it, and enhance it to the next level of “Smart Durian Plantation”. This requires a balance of old techniques and modern technology to enhance the growth and better harvests of durians.

The mission of our company, Eco Starland Group is to focus in elevating the status of our very own durian from being the “King of Fruits in Malaysia” to being the “Golden Fruit of the World”, giving this unique fruit a global status.

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