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40 Visitors from Ipoh delegation to the DurioFarm 怡保40人参访团畅游榴恋园

6 January 2019, Bentong

After an overwhelming response from the last visit, once again we welcomed 40 visitors from Ipoh who set off from 5 am and took 5 hours to reach Karak, Pahang. All this just for an experience with the King of Fruits!

As the host, Eco Starland Group tried its best to serve all visitors, as all the staff travelled from Kuala Lumpur to the Durian Farm since 6 am to prepare for the visit.

At around 9.30 in the morning, visitors began to arrive in Karak and were brought into the farm by staff. After 30 minutes, the activities officially began with a group photo. The visitors were then brought around the DurioFarm for a breath of fresh air and tour around to take a look at our special durian tree that is said to resemble a thousand-hand Guan Yin deity and also a hundred years old durian tree.

Mr Tan, who is in charge of the tour introduced the ecological environment of the DurioFarm and the business philosophy advocated by Eco Starland Group of companies in a humorous and intimate way. Visitors gained other useful knowledge rather than just an ordinary tour of the farm. They were also very eager to capture photos on their trip and leave the most beautiful moment here.

Once the farm tour was finished, the group then proceeded to have lunch and some rest while watching through Eco Starland Group's various video clips which included company intro, news interviews by 8TV and the ground breaking ceremony of the EcoFarm.

Next, our staff demonstrated a live durian plant grafting technique to educate the guests on durian knowledge and clarified on the untrue news of people dying from the overuse of pesticides.

The most anticipated event by the visitors was the tasting of various durians that included D24 durians and the Musang King. Coincidentally it was the durian season and the visitors loved the durians prepared by Eco Starland Group. Not only that, but each visitor also received a small gift and everyone was entitled to a lucky draw which gave away another 2 gifts for them to bring back home!








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