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80 guests from Main-main visit DurioFarm 易盛集团盛邀 Main-Main 80人乐游榴恋园

July 28, 2018 – Bentong.

Eco Starland Group sponsored a group of 80 people from Main-Main to visit the DurioFarm and experience the eco-tourism.

In the bright sunny morning, DurioFarm was full with lively energy. This is because of the students, organisations and businesspeople from all around are gathered here. A total of 80 people gathered together to spend a free day in the DurioFarm.

The host greeted the guests at the main hall. He briefed our projects and shared his experience. Afterwards, he led everyone to visit the farm and learn about the techniques of grafting cultivation of durian, observe the growth of durian trees, and the Musang King Durian trees.

After everyone had a preliminary understanding of the ecology of the durian, the host held a quiz competition, and the winner was given a free Musang King Durian. Three questions about the Eco Starland Group were quickly replied by the enthusiastic guests, and three fresh and delicious Musang King were sent out.

Next is the most anticipated part of the crowd, which is durian tasting. There are many varieties of durians including the Musang King, XO, D24, Durian Merah, D88 and others. Each of the durians is delicate and dense, and all the guests enjoyed it.

After learning about the knowledge of durians and the introduction of the Eco Starland Group, the ecological journey was end joyfully.








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