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80 Visitors from Ipoh delegation to the DurioFarm 怡保80人参访团乐游榴恋园

16 December 2018, Bentong

A group of 80 people set off from Ipoh at 5 a.m. Due to a large number of people as well as the long journey, the group had to stop halfway at rest station. The whole trip took 5 hours to reach Pahang Karak. Despite this, the group was still determined to try Musang King, the world famous durian.

Upon arrival in Karak, the group went to the seedling farm to find out about the grafting process of durian seedlings. Our host also took the opportunity to educate the visitors about durian and clarified that pesticide overdose is just rumours.

After that, the group of visitors from Ipoh moved to DurioFarm. The host first introduced the ecological environment of durian garden in a humorous and kind way, and he also let the group visit the farm to explore the growth of durian trees to increase their knowledge.

It is not only knowing more about durian, but also to let the group have the opportunity to use the tools to open durian in a safe and fast way. The group also had the opportunity to taste the famous durian such as Musang King and D24.

Later, Eco Starland Group arranged the visitors to have lunch at an air-conditioned restaurant. The group departed from Karak and headed back to the office in Mid Valley at about 3 p.m.

Due to the bad weather, there was a heavy jam on the way back. By the time the group arrived at the office, it was nearly 4 p.m. Fortunately, the staff had prepared delicious snacks and warm coffee for them. In addition, each visitor also received a small gift, and everyone can participate in a lucky draw to get at least 2 prizes home.

2018年12月16日 - 文冬讯。








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