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A site visit to EcoFarm 巡视文德甲易盛园种植榴梿树苗的作业情况

4 January 2019, Mentakab

Eco Starland Group's 315 acres fertile land in Mentakab, Pahang is known as EcoFarm. After last year's ground-breaking ceremony in October, the land clearing process is due to completion after several months. The Musang King durian plant grafting process is now underway in the new farm. To understand EcoFarm's operations further, the group's top management, employees, and visitors embarked on a site visit to Mentakab.

Starting from 6:30 in the morning, everyone began their journey from Kuala Lumpur towards Mentakab, Pahang. After two to three hours of driving, visitors began arriving in EcoFarm around 9 am. They began to observe the land clearing situation and the process of Musang King durians seedling transplanting.

After several months of hard work, EcoFarm has transformed itself from a thick jungle into fertile clear land. Small hills of soil can be seen as a result of the landscaping process. Across the land, scores of newly planted durian trees can be seen in their healthy growth phase that was handled by professional plant grafting experts. EcoFarm's irrigation systems are now being set up to ensure the healthy growth of every Musang King Durian tree.

Our staff was also on site, leading the briefing on the farm's current progress. He also prepared some delicious honey lime juice to combat the heat during the visit. Everyone truly enjoyed the complimentary drinks.

Until about 11 a.m, the group then ended its site inspection visit and began to leave the farm.








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