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Advanced Agricultural Machinery Doubles Efficiency Durian Seedlings Growth 高端农机效率倍增榴梿苗成长

10th February 2020 – Mentakab.

In order to make EcoFarm farming operations more efficient, Eco Starland Group invested in large tractors to improve the overall efficiency of the farm. For professional farmers, the cultivation of high-yield fruits like durian requires the willingness to invest on advanced agricultural machinery, which is absolutely economical. Because the use of high-tech smart farm is the current trend, in addition to some mechanization, it has gradually moved to full electrification, and future agricultural workers no longer need to work hard manually. Large-scale farm tractors that are leading the way with horticultural dragging technology have always been a good thing for the farm. The results show that the highest-performance farm tractors with excellent performance can meet the needs of planting, nutrient application, and rotary cultivation on the farm, which has made great progress in the overall operation.

In addition, the Group also actively promotes the establishment of a headquarters in EcoFarm, becoming an important hub in the farm. Any activity, meetings, planning, and visitation will be used as the core of the farm. At present, due to the weather, the foundation of the project is to complete the base at this stage, and the construction of the exclusive EcoFarm’s headquarters will begin soon. Here in the future, you can grasp all the movements in the farm, including the work progress, safety, and even the growth of each tree in the farm.

With the efforts of the farm work team, each sapling has made great progress. Looking at the records of last month, the saplings have grown again, which proves that the team has achieved good results with the combination of professional planting methods and the application of exclusive customized nutrients, because each month can be seen in the recorded photos durian saplings are all growing in verdant green shoots.

If you have the opportunity to come to EcoFarm, don't forget to visit the highest and lowest places on the farm, each with a hundred-year-old banyan tree. The two old trees that can be regarded as the treasures of EcoFarm, just like two guards guarding the beautiful farm.







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