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Asian Rich Daddy discussing durian scriptures with other professionals 亚洲富爸爸与各路专家畅谈榴梿经

6th March 2020 - Mentakab, Karak, Kuala Lumpur

James Fan, Marketing Director of Eco Starland Group, especially formulated a plan to arrange visits with many durian agriculture and related professionals. To let people understand the process and operation of the durian planting industry more vividly and efficiently, to meet people who are interested in investing in this industry, and in presenting the process of the entire production chain more transparently.

At the moment, the production team has interviewed experts who are well versed in the Chinese market, well-known business people who sell durians, durian farmers, professional orchard managers, insurance companies, successful entrepreneurs who understand the market’s operating principles, etc. to give a perspective and explore the development and prospects of durian planting industry in depth. All of the videos above interviews will be made into multiple episodes of short videos. At the moment, the production team is working extremely hard on content aggregation and post-production editing, making sure to include as many opinions and comments of experts and scholars as possible, to fully unveil the mystery of the durian industry for everyone, once and for all.

The presenter who runs through the short video is James Sir, who has more than 20 years of business background and also invested in the planting industry. This plan’s primary goal is to allow more people to invest in emerging sectors with market potential, so when James Sir was interviewed, he always mentions about the plasticity of durian industry development in a more comprehensive perspective. For example, the cultivation, production, processing and export of durians, and even the trade needs in the international market will be covered in the short video.

This short film is still in its production stage, with more editing to do. It is expected to be published on the official website, Facebook and social platform of Eco Starland after completion. At that time, interested friends are welcome to watch this new masterpiece of Eco Starland Group in 2020, so stay tuned.







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