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Birthday Celebration for October babies at Eco Starland office 易盛集团为10月寿星庆生

Oct. 4, 2018-Kuala Lumpur.

After the opening ceremony of Wealthreel - the new partner of Eco Starland Group, that was a busy day in the afternoon. All the consultants were having a meet and brief session in the meeting room. Everyone was so productive that he or she were throwing question and giving ideas to each other.

President KC Lim had reported the latest progress and operation at EcoFarm. Additionally, Mr Wee Yong Geap also shared his personal experience in plant pest control and diseases.

Around 6:00 pm, the staffs of Eco Starland prepared a big and pleasant surprise to October babies. So, does the shock begun, the electric power went off in a sudden, the lights were all out, we were surrounded by dark and opaque. In a short while, the first durian shaped cakes with the fireworks were also presented to all birthday babies. The guests immediately sang a birthday song to celebrate 3 VIPs birthdays on the scene.

After receiving everyone's blessings and cake cutting, the three birthday babies received a bunch of gifts. They looked delighted and enjoyed. October babies said that he has never been welcomed so many birthday gifts in his entire life. Eco Starland Group hopes this event help to build up the relationship of the guest to the next level and enjoy the moment. Moreover, steamboat dinner was prepared in the office never like before. That was a great day!







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