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CAIQIT Office Officially Launched at Eco Starland 中检智驻易盛集团合作办事处正式启动

10th June 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

CAIQIT China and Eco Starland Group have officially established the Office of Smart Technology Cooperation for the benefit of the durian industrial chain. After a good date selection, the launching ceremony was held by Dr Frank Zhai, the representative of CAIQIT Malaysia.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr KC Lim, the Group President of Eco Starland, accompanied by Dr Frank Zhai of CAIQIT, first unveiled the office. Both have tightened the sign of the CAIQIT Cooperation Office, symbolising the ambition to express their eagerness has gathered here, and now connected with Eco Starland Group. Our aim is to create a peak in the rapid development of the durian industry while cooperating through high-tech exchanges.

Eco Starland Group specially prepared a bottle of champagne to congratulate Dr Frank, while the group’s main executives and VIPs who attended the event propose a toast and cherish the wonderful moment. Immediately afterwards, all VIPs were directed to move upstairs, in order to conduct the launching ceremony of the office. Dr Frank then untied the ribbon and opened the office door by his key card, symbolising a good start to this office and the relationship between CAIQIT China and Eco Starland Group.

After the end of a series of ceremonies, it’s time for sharing a few durians to celebrate its start, therefore two specially hibernated Musang King Durians were prepared to raise the atmosphere. Dr Frank was particularly touched on this day and made a sentimental speech. He hopes that both sides would continue cooperating in the future and build a complete system to effectively deliver high-quality durians from Malaysia to the China market, and as a result, more people will have the opportunity to try out the wonderful taste of God’s gift.







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