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Completion of the First Water Pond 第一水池工程竣工 确保果园水量充沛

15th April 2020 - Mentakab

The reservoir of EcoFarm has started, and the amount of rainfall has suddenly increased. It just happened to test whether the reservoir’s storage performance is as good as expected. The company has always attached great importance to the water pond project, because healthy durian trees need to have sufficient water and nutrient supply, so the deployment of the farm pool is key to planting good durians.

Many factors need to be considered when creating a reservoir, including the location and depth of the construction, and that requires us to discuss the limitations of terrain and soil quality, and achieve the goal of one development and for many years. The construction water pond cannot only significantly reduce the cost of irrigation, but also provide a better environment and elements for growth and durian trees, and even create a beautiful ecosystem in the park. Thus, Eco Starland Group is willing to plan a large area of land to build several reservoirs, and it’s entirely because the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Besides, the construction of a water storage tank with sufficient water storage capacity is even more powerful when setting up an intelligent irrigation control system. As long as the sprinkler head of the fixed sprinkler irrigation is fixed in one position when the order is installed, the durian trees will be watered. Not only the amount of water be accurately controlled, but it can also achieve the purpose of regular irrigation, effectively apply each drop of nutrients, and ensure that durian trees in the farm are timed and quantitative, and obtain sufficient nutrients.






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