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Digging Project Aims To Create A Comfortable Home For Baby Durians 挖池工程呈现崭新面向 打造榴梿苗舒适安乐窝

10th November 2019 - Mentakab.

Eco Starland Group hires a new workforce to perform a pool digging project. Firstly, select the pools that will be the main water supply in area A, B, and C for future projects. In addition to ensuring a sufficient water storage capacity, the staff in charge will also need to fill the lowlands with the soil excavated when digging the pond and carry out appropriate filling operations to make the best arrangements possible.

In fact, many pre-operations have been done before digging the pool, including the need to measure the terrain height and the measurement of the horizontal line. These are required to be calculated by experienced experts, as the design will need to guide the water source to needed places for effective irrigation and make good use of the excavated soil to fill the lowlands.

These plans need to be carefully considered and make long-term decisions. For example, the storage capacity of the pool must ensure that even if it’s 3 months of the dry season, there is still a sufficient water supply for irrigation, so as to plan ahead as much as possible, because the future growth of durian trees will be supported by the initial planning. Once the growth environment is well established, it will be relatively easy to adjust it in the future.

EcoFarm’s hinterland covers 315 acres, so one pool is not sufficient to meet the huge demand for water. With long term planning, 5 pools will be excavated to meet the water demand of EcoFarm. Now, engineering vehicles perform operations every day, while the engineers themselves start digging ponds and carrying dirt. Judging from the project’s current state, it is expected to be completed by the middle of next year.

In fact, in addition to the pool digging project, every part of the farm, including the two new areas, are planting about 600 saplings in total to bring the farm to life. The pre-planting operation is to prepare a bamboo basket with holes to shade the saplings and prevent animal damage and ensure that there is sufficient ventilation in order to make the saplings grow more steadily. In addition, some areas are pushing the road, levelling and clearing the ground, because more durian seedlings will be planted in the future.








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