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Director of Eco Starland Group, Lim Wei Qi awarded the High Flyer Award 易盛董事林韦奇 荣获企业高飞成就大奖

29 March 2019, Kuala Lumpur.

Lim Wei Qi, Director of Eco Starland Group, has successfully granted Eco Starland reputation and awarded the High Flyer Award by creating a unique agricultural brand to break into the market, leading the local agricultural industry to enter the new economic peak, and created a new smart durian agricultural trend.

High Flyer Award has built a positive energy platform composed of business elites, allowing young, outstanding, charming, creative and influential people to gather through the open platform to improve and promote entrepreneur's network around the world. This is to award and recognize enterprise who achieved success by striving for innovation, focusing on customer service and social responsibility.

The award ceremony was held at the W Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The cocktail party begins at 6 pm, giving the guests a chance to social until the award ceremony officially began at 7 pm. It started with a well-known soprano, followed by the emcee introducing event hosts Dato Winnie Loo and Mr Steve Wee.

The award ceremony followed by the live broadcast of the winners of video, everyone took turns to receive the award and there were a total of about 30 people won the award that day. Subsequently, 306 ballet performers aged between 4 and 14 years old broke the Malaysian record, becoming the most number of ballet dancers to dance together. This grand performance has recorded at Malaysia Books of Records. Towards the end of the performance, the award ceremony has come to an end and the guests continue to socialise with each other while enjoying a cocktail.

2019年3月29日 - 吉隆坡讯。


为了表彰因勇于创新、注重客户服务和坚守社会责任而获得成功的优秀企业,High Flyer Award为我国打造一个由商界精英所组成的正能量平台,让年轻、杰出、魅力、创意、有影响力的人士汇聚,透过这个开放平台来提升及推动我国企业家的人际网络。

这项颁奖典礼是在吉隆坡W Hotel举行。下午6点钟,鸡尾酒会开始,让现场贵宾能够有机会交流,直到7点颁奖典礼正式举行。首先由知名女高音揭开序幕,接着司仪介绍活动主办者Dato Winnie Loo及Steve Wee出场亮相。



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