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Durian Expert Mr Lim Khin Chee Organize Class at FruitFarm and EcoFarm 榴梿专家林振琪老师 到果园开班授课

15th June 2019 - Mentakab and Karak.

Malaysia’s top durian plantation expert, Mr Lim Khin Chee, has been planting durian for the last 30 years. Naturally, all these years made him a real expert, and now has thousands of disciples following him. In addition to participating in a wide range of agricultural activities, Mr Lim also teaches from time to time. He hopes to share his knowledge with people, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn of the correct method and technique to produce high-quality durians and make Malaysian durian everyone’s favourite internationally.

This time, Mr Lim specially selected EcoFarm and FruitFarm, both of which are under Eco Starland Group, as an internship demonstration farm, and led about 40 students to visit the farm and inspect the planting, and also studying and solving the problems while also considering the plantation details.

From choosing the right durian seedling, it’s based on the environment to the secret of making the soil suitable for planting high-quality durians, making dome (to pile the soil into small sand dunes), farm drainage system, tips for pruning, etc. All of the above are equally important details for planting the best durians, and everything must be made to perfection. From this, we know that there are lots of tricks to planting a tree, especially for commercial planting. It needs to be cautious and take care of the whole plant, so every decision is very important. Since the lessons taught in the course are very important, each student is very focused and not misses any points that Mr Lim has said.

In addition, Wealthreel also led 8 official guests from Kuching, Sarawak to EcoFarm and FruitFarm to inspect and enjoy the beauty of nature. During the visit, our team - Wei Chi, Ben and Samantha shared the current trends in the durian industry and the development of Eco Starland Group. Lastly but by no means least, you can’t miss the intoxicating durian, the rich aroma, and its taste spreading across your taste buds, which is enough to make you satisfied for the rest of your day.







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