Eco Starland and CAIQIT Signs Memorandum of Cooperation 易盛与中检智签署合作备忘录 打通中国市场任督二脉

26th April 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

The dean of China Academy of Inspection & Quarantine (CAIQ) Mr Li Xin Shi and other officials visited the Malaysia-China Business Council, and Dato Ma Han Kun hosted the visiting delegation of the CAIQ on behalf of the President of the Council. Eco Starland and CAIQIT also signed the “Memorandum On the Comprehensive Cooperation of Intelligent Technology Development for the Whole Industry Chain of Durian” under the witness of Mr Li Xin Shi, Dean of CAIQIT, and Dato Ma Han Kun, representative of the Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC).

Dato Ma showed a warm welcome to President Li and his delegation. He said that while the “One Belt One Road” summit was being held in Beijing, President Li’s visit was of great significance to everyone, and he hoped that this exchange visit would be a great opportunity to deepen Malaysia’s relationship with China. The exchanges and cooperation between CAIQIT and its affiliated enterprises promote the high-tech trade between China and Malaysia.

President Li hopes that the CAIQIT will develop Malaysia and will play a window guidance role to further enhance the position of CAIQIT in the relevant trade between China and Malaysia. Through the Malaysian durian industry, the Digital Economy Development Bureau, and the bird’s nest enterprise work together to create a modern, informative and highly intelligent CAIQIT.

The leaders of both sides also witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Eco Starland Group Malaysia and CAIQIT Technology Co. Ltd., China. The participants included the chairman and general manager of CAIQIT Technology Co. Ltd. - Mr Li Jian Wei, CAIQIT Malaysia’s Plenipotentiary Representative - Dr Frank Zhai, Agriculture Development and Protection Association Malaysia’s President - Dato Chua, and Eco Starland Group CEO - Yirin Choo signed as representatives.

Director of the Malaysian Digital Economy Development Board - Mr Song Xue Jun, manager - Ms He Xue Ling, President of Eco Starland Group - Mr KC Lim, and director Lim Wei Chi attended the activities mentioned above. This signing will carry out cooperation between both parties on the clearance, inspection, and traceability of agricultural products, and witness the further development of the relationship between China and Malaysia.