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Eco Starland celebrates New Year and wishes everyone a smooth-sailing year 易盛欢庆“双猪报喜,开工大吉”

11 Feb 2019, Kuala Lumpur

During the Chinese Lunar New Year, not only the last day was expected, but also the custom of Chinese New Year, commonly known as the first day to work after CNY. It is not simply a random day but must be carefully considered, combined with the right place at the right time and a good day. We spent so much effort, hoping the company will grow and develop in the new year and wish the company's staff a smooth-sailing year.

Eco Starland Group has specially selected February 11, which is the seventh day of the New Year to have the activities. They invited nearly one hundred friends and partners to celebrate together. The staff arrived at the office for preparation in the early morning.

About half-past twelve at noon, the guests began to arrive. Eco Starland specially prepared the famous Hainanese chicken rice in Kuala Lumpur and the delicious shrimp noodles in Penang to serve the guests. On top of that, there were desserts including shaved ice with fruits and delicious cupcakes. There were also other desserts such as rice cake and lettuce, which symbolises wealth and growth. Last but not least, the golden fruit - durian on the table was absolutely the best thing to represent Eco Starland.

At 1:30 p.m, after the guests enjoyed the meal, the activity about to get started. First of all, the President of Eco Starland, KC Lim expressed his special thanks on the arrival of all the guests. Subsequently, the Board of Directors of Eco Starland, including President KC Lim, CEO Yirin Choo, Director Lim Wei Chi, Chief Consultant of Agricultural Wee Yong Geap together with Benn Lee and Brandon Lim from Wealthreel presided over the ceremony of cutting the two roasted golden pigs. This ceremony represented that the two pigs will bring good fortune, grow business and bring wealth. The side of the roasted pigs also filled up with many other dishes: 7 kinds of veggies which indicate best wishes for the New Year and good fortune throughout the year.

The ceremony was very successful, wishing Eco Starland to have great success in the year to come and wealth come pouring in. Mr Lim also distributed bonus in the event, which represent everything to run smoothly and more blessings to come,also wished everyone to remain good health and be blessed in everything this happy day.

After that, the guests were invited to feast the delicious roasted pig, which claimed to be the best-roasted pig in Asia. The celebration ended and the seventh day of the New Year started in the festive and auspicious atmosphere.



易盛集团特别选在2月11日,也就是大年初七 — 人日这天举行双猪报喜、开工大吉活动。广邀近百名好友及合作伙伴一起到易盛集团总公司共襄盛举。活动当天早上,工作人员依循吉时,陆续抵达办公室进行筹备工作。


1点半,宾客享用餐点后,活动进入另一个高潮。首先,易盛董事主席林金钟特别感谢现场贵宾的到来,并献上新年祝贺。随后,易盛集团的主要领航人,包括董事主席林金钟、执行长朱佩琳、董事林韦奇、农场首席顾问黄勇业以及 Wealthreel 的Benn Lee 及 Brandon Lim,一起主持切双烧金猪仪式,寓意双猪报喜、开工大吉、招财进宝、吉祥如意。而且一定要从头切到尾,代表从头赚到尾;一刀切到尾,从头旺到尾。双烧金猪的旁边也摆满了意头菜肴:七种菜头– 七彩缤纷、好意头, 九粒橘形糕点、发糕– 象征吉祥如意、恭喜发财, 九头鲤鱼包子 – 代表年年有鱼、长长久久。如意菜肴贺新年,常年好运庆团圆。

开工大吉圆满成功,祝福易盛集团财源滚滚达三江 ,生意兴隆通四海。老板也在活动中派发利是,利是又称利事,取其大吉大利、好运到来之意,也在这喜上加喜的日子里,恭祝大家身体健康,万事如意!