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Eco Starland Celebrates with BukuGanda 易盛欢庆丰收季 邀好友品猫山王

15th August 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

Eco Starland Group welcomed their first fruit harvest season. In order to celebrate this memorable moment, we specially held a communication meeting with the publishing company BukuGanda. We also invited friends from all paths and writers from BukuGanda to this durian tasting session.

From about 1:30 pm to 2 pm, VIPs started arriving and stood in the tea tasting area waiting for experts to brew some sweet and fragrant Pu Er tea. As more and more people arrived, everyone started to greet and get to know each other. Until about 2:30 pm, the scheduled activities began. Firstly, the chairman of Eco Starland Group, Mr KC Lim, gave a welcome speech, thanking the guests for their enthusiastic participation and making this event better.

Then, Kelvin, a member of a team of professional consultants, shared the economics of the Musang King for the VIPs that were present and then proceeded to talk about the sudden interest of the Musang King durian in the market, which made the durian industry in Malaysia to reach a new peak.

After the conversation about the market of durians that everyone is concerned about, it’s the durian tasting session that everyone has been waiting for. First of all, we invited the VIPs to try out the new frozen Musang King durians, with 100% durian fruit pulp. All the guests who tried it have praised it, saying that it’s like eating Musang King with another kind of flavour and pleasure. While tasting the dessert, the staff of Eco Starland Group also assisted in the preparation of opening fresh durians. Since we have previously mentioned that it was tasting, so naturally we start with the durians with lighter tastes.

In the process of explaining different durian varieties for the VIPs, we also inform everyone that the export of durians needs to be treated by liquid nitrogen technology at extremely low temperatures and rapid freezing. The arrival of the Musang King durians excited everyone at the event, and when the guests heard about a Musang King durian getting opened on the spot, everyone swarmed together to watch the durian getting opened.

The tasting of different varieties of durians, and eating the rare liquid nitrogen durians, has satisfied the taste buds of everyone guest. Finally, everyone came together at the tea table and had some tea, making it a perfect ending for the event.









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