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Eco Starland EcoFarm Update 2020 易盛集团易盛园

Eco Starland EcoFarm易盛園 - 2020 更新 易盛園總面積為320英畝。在2020年6月已經開發了170英畝的榴槤種植。易盛園位置於優質的戰略地點-彭亨州的文德甲,盛產優質榴蓮的寶地。 易盛集團已向該項目投資了超過3000萬馬幣的資金。目前已經種植了5000棵貓山王榴槤樹。榴槤樹預計在2024年開始成熟結果,預計每年生產量超過100萬個貓山王 榴槤水果。年度生產商業價值有望超過10億馬幣。 成千上萬的希望之苗已經一種入土中。 易信同心,盛世共享。 同心同意,共享豐收。

Eco Starland EcoFarm 易盛园 - 2020 UPDATE

Strategy locations fair quality durians bloom at Mentakab, Pahang. EcoFarm comprises a total area of 320 acres. 170 acres have been developed recently in the year 2020.

More than 30 million Ringgit Malaysia has been invested in the project in 2020. 5000 Musang King durian trees have been planted on 2020. Harvest maturity stage expected to be in the 2024 year. Annual production of more than 1 million units of Musang King Durians fruit. Annual production commercial value is expected to exceed RM100 million.

More than ten thousand seedlings of hope have been planted at EcoFarm.

Embrace with Trust. Sharing with Bloom.

Be with One Heart. Share Prosperity.


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