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Eco Starland Gears Up for Durian Season 易盛摩拳擦掌 喜迎榴梿产季

25th May 2019 - Mentakab, Karak.

Halfway through the year, and we’re about to enter June, which also means that durian season is coming soon. Endless crowds will be visiting the farm soon. Before that, of course, we must be well prepared to make our guests feel comfortable and satisfied, to create special memories for them.

In the months after blooming and fruitful results, the durian farms would be cleaned up regularly by our working team. In order to meet the flow of people in the season, intensive and comprehensive cleaning is essential. This time, almost all the staff in Eco Starland Group were dispatched to EcoFarm, FruitFarm, and DurioFarm for a large-scale cleanup.

First off is to clean up the inside and outside of DurioFarm. Since many VIPs often visit the farm to participate in various activities, all the tables, chairs, and tools in the farm need to be replenished and kept clean and tidy. After cleaning the farm up, we did not forget to decorate the main hall to make our guests feel a warmer welcome.

EcoFarm occupies 315 acres. Our main purpose of this activity is to take care and tidy up the place, including scaffolding, reserve tables and chairs for occasional needs. Because the farm is a plantation, summer umbrellas, paper fans and mineral water are absolutely needed. This time, we also added mini-agricultural vehicles to give our VIPs a chance to experience farm driving.

FruitFarm will launch a large-scale plan sometime next year. Right now, stone chairs and some other pieces of equipment have been placed in the park, and more people will come to visit in the future. Eco Starland has well prepared to welcome the durian season.








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