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Eco Starland Group celebrates Christmas Party 易盛集团欢庆圣诞派对

21 December 2018, Kuala Lumpur

Time flies real quick as it was already nearing the end of 2018. The last month of the year is a month of festive celebrations. In conjunction with the upcoming Christmas Day, Eco Starland Group organized a party and invited guests to join them in the Mid Valley head office.

At around 6 pm, the guests began to arrive at the party for dinner. The group employees also decorated the office with beautiful Christmas ornaments and small gift boxes for the occasion. There were presents for each guest under the tree!

Other than great food and good show, there were also fun activities prepared that ensure all guests each receiving presents. First, there was a Q & A session that presented 12 Duriofarm tour passes worth RM168 each.

The next activity was to award more presents to the guests with games. The games organized include hitting balloons with darts and shooting toy ducks and durians with plastic pistols. Once they won the games, the guests will be able to spin a lucky wheel for prizes where the main prize of a RM1000 cash voucher awaits.

Also in the event that night was the most creative selfie shot contest. Three beset selfie shot winners walked away with prized red wine and Musang King Durians. To hype up the party event, the organizers even hired a Santa Claus to the party to hand away more gifts.

Next, it was a guessing game of durian seeds. The game was to guess how many seeds in one Musang King Durian placed in front of the guests. The 3 winners of the game who gave a correct answer of 16 seeds each received a fresh Musang King Durian on the spot.

The climax of the event is none other than the present exchange session. The guests were very excited to participate even with no idea who they were exchanging gifts with. Everyone was very happy when receiving gifts.

Until about 10 pm, some of the guests started to sing karaoke while some of them mingled around for a quick chat while enjoying the beautiful evening.











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