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Eco Starland Group co-organized the 5th Malaysia Agro Excellent Award 易盛集团协办第五届大马神农楷模奖 启动提名新闻发布会

4 March 2019, Kuala Lumpur

Eco Starland Group spares no effort to promote the development of agriculture in Malaysia, especially with the same concept of maintaining and developing agriculture association in Malaysia, hoping to protect the rights and interests of farmers, improve the status of farmers and promote the development of agricultural technology. Therefore, we fully cooperate to organize the nomination press conference of the fifth Malaysia Agro Excellent and Master Agro Award.

The event was held at the group headquarters in Kuala Lumpur with tea and pastries as well as a special lunch, in the hope of providing the most comfortable environment for guests to interact with each other. Around 10 am, participants began to sign in and communicate with each other. The press conference officially began at 11 am. The representatives from CIMB first explained the financial support provided by national banks for small and medium-sized agriculture industries.

Afterwards, the organizer explained the application process and details of the award. Dato Dr Chai, President of the Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia, went on to explain the brief introduction of the Malaysia Agro Excellent Award and presented the nomination form to co-organizers. After the ceremony, the organizer held a special press conference to make a clearer explanation for the journalists.

Nearly 4 hours later, the activity came to a successful conclusion, but many guests still discussed the current situation of the agricultural industry. This event will undoubtedly serve as a bridge of communication for the Malaysian agricultural industry and stimulate cross-sector cooperation to achieve the goal of mutual benefit.




随后,主办单位讲解大马神农楷模奖ISO 9001申请流程及需要注意的细节。马来西亚维护与发展农业协会总会长拿督蔡振行博士接着说明神农楷模奖的简介并颁发提名表格给协办单位。仪式结束后,主办单位特别召开记者发布会,为记者朋友做更清楚地说明。



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