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Eco Starland Group - Focus on Perfection易盛集团专注完美 种植极品榴梿

24th April 2019 - Mentakab and Karak.

Malaysia is a country that’s summer all year round, with fertile land and abundant rain. It is home to the king of fruits - durian. With its unique climate and terrain, the durians planted in Malaysia are not only rich in flavour and sweet, but you can also taste the bitter and aroma, providing us with endless surprises.

Eco Starland Group knows about the high demand for Musang King Durians and started to develop a piece of land which is 315-acres in Pahang, Malaysia. This farm is called EcoFarm and is located perfectly. It does not accumulate water on the slopes, allowing water to flow and prevent plant diseases. Another benefit of this location is the ease of setting up a smart irrigation system to water the plants precisely.

After bulldozing the farm is very easy to manage, on top of the fact that the terrain is perfect for planting durians. It will also be very easy to operate around the farm when the harvest season arrives in the future. The road is wide and flat enough for our farmers to feel comfortable setting up and using the devices. At this stage, we will first develop 50 acres of land. After that, the best and smart farming system will be to continue and expand on other patches on land for planting Musang King Durian trees.

After the inspection work, the farm manager of Eco Starland Group moved his attention to the Karak FruitFarm to inspect the growth of fruit trees. Wong Yong Geap, the principal farm advisor, also visited the farm to ensure that every fruit tree is growing healthily.




经过推土清理后的果园十分好打理,而且地形也非常漂亮 。未来打果收成时,也一样好操作。平面道路够宽、够平坦,使用或架设仪器倍感安心。现阶段,先开拓50英亩的土地进行种植,之后照本宣科采用最好的方法继续拓展其他土地,种植猫山王榴梿树。



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