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Eco Starland Group has in view at the high-end consumer groups in the Korean market 易盛集团放眼韩国市场高端消费族群

4 December 2018, Karak

Last August, Ministry of Agriculture and the China customs general administration signed an agreement on the export inspection and quarantine of frozen durians during our Prime Minister’s visit to China. This sparked a new hope for fresh durians to be exported to China from the beginning of this year, and a lot of investors were aiming at China's high-end consumption market, which then invested in the agricultural industry.

As Musang King become more famous, not only the Malaysian government, even other countries also see the golden fruit will bring high economic benefits. They have offered to collaborate, hoping that Malaysia’s durian, especially Musang King can be exported to their countries.

Mr Kim who is from South Korea, was one of the visitors. Being the person in charge of Korean health food and beauty care platform, Mr. Kim sees the huge business opportunity behind durian, and hopes to establish a cooperative relationship with Eco Starland Group to venture into Korean market and promote Malaysia’s Musang King to Korean market.

Aside from visiting the office of Eco Starland Group in Kuala Lumpur at Mid Valley to discuss cooperation matters with the senior management, Mr. Kim also paid a special visit to Karak DurioFarm and seedling farm to learn about the company's business and orchard operations.

In the seedling farm, other than knowing the grafting process of durian seedlings, Mr. Kim even tried to graft a seedling by himself. When he came to visit DurioFarm, the host came out to greet him and introduced the ecological environment and business philosophy of the durian farm in a humorous and kind way. The host answered all of Mr. Kim’s questions and two of them had a good time exchanging ideas.

Other than discussing about durian, Mr. Kim also opened durians by himself and tasted Musang King and other famous species. Mr. Kim said that the durian he tasted in Karak has a delicate and dense texture and it was very delicious.

He also mentioned that durians are very expensive in Korea, and he hoped to promote these delicious durian to Korean Market through cooperating with Eco Starland Group and target the high-end consumer groups to achieve a win-win situation.










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