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Eco Starland group held the first seminar of the year and it received a good response 易盛开年首场说明会反应热烈

15 Feb 2019, Kuala Lumpur

During Chinese New Year, Eco Starland organized the first seminar of discussion on a business opportunity. People who are interested in understanding how the company operates and the progress of durian plantation was able to take this opportunity to join the seminar.

There were more than a dozen people came to Eco Starland’s office in Mid Valley in the early morning. They were here to listen to the Affiliate Marketing Consultant, Yuki for a briefing. Prior to that, KC Lim, President of Eco Starland Group, wished all the guests a happy New Year.

Yuki then began to report about the company, its business, investments and big plans. In addition, the meeting also mentioned about the operation of Eco Starland’s DurioFarm, FruitFarm and EcoFarm.

In order to let everyone know about the huge potential of agricultural enterprises in the future emerging economic markets, Brandon, who is from Wealthreel, stepped forward to help further explain that Eco Starland group is actively working towards the goal of integrated agricultural enterprises. Yuki further discussed the market potential of Malaysian agricultural enterprises and the international market's concern on durian.

After listening to the speakers, the attendants were very curious about the durian plantation plan, and also expressed the intent to see all the farms that under Eco Starland to understand the current planting situation. After the meeting, the attendants also discussed the business opportunities of durian to make full use of the new economy, because durian will become a new source of wealth for agriculture.








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