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Eco Starland Group Proudly Presents: Mr Wee’s “My Durian Farming Logbook” 易盛集团年度巨献 黄勇业老师要出书了!

2nd May 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

The preparation of Eco Starland finally come to an end and looking forward to the results! For the past 2 months, the working team from Eco Starland and Bukuganda Publishing have come together and worked as a team to manage the book “My Durian Logbook” edited by Mr Wee Yong Geap - our principal farm advisor, entering the final stages. It is expected that the book will be published and acquirable in major bookstores starting next month, June. Right now, the working teams at Eco Starland and Bukuganda Publishing are making final inspections, edit-proof, proofread, collection of beautiful durian photos and wish to produce a great book of durian.

In fact, producing a book from scratch takes a very long time. This book brings together Mr Wee’s valuable experience in the agricultural sector for nearly 30 years, from the durian knowledge, cultivation, pest and disease prevention of durian trees, all in one book.

In order to inspire the public, Mr Wee insisted on using easy and understandable words, with rich graphics and personal experiences, including the latest planting techniques in Thailand, in order to make the book interesting towards farmers who are interested in planting durian trees or who want to be skilled in planting techniques.

After the texts and pictures are in place, next is to match the appropriate images, and proofread the text multiple times before entering the layout program. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to get some VIP to endorse this book. This time, we specially invited a few industry seniors to recommend this book. After that, we believe “My Durian Logbook” planned and edited by the CEO of Eco Starland, Ms Yirin Choo, and written by Mr Wee, will be a must-read for the cultivation of durians, and will also be precious for the history of the durian industry development in Malaysia.







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