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Eco Starland Heading to Alibaba to Promote Durian Industry 易盛前进阿里巴巴 推广猫山王榴梿种植

13th October 2019 – Kuala Lumpur

Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. hosted the 5th Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest at Malaysia Finals, providing opportunities for the top technology startup company, and major Chinese venture capitalists, business leaders and Alibaba Group Ecosystem to build a good connection.

This internationally-acclaimed competition invited 7 international judges to evaluate the 10 finalists. The winning startup company will represent Malaysia in the global championships and compete with other leading technology companies around the world. Eco Starland Group believes that this competition can also be said to be the best platform for Malaysian technology startup company, so it is decided to go to the site to observe the investigation, and at the same time take the opportunity to let more people know about the emerging industry - the cultivation of Musang King durian.

Eco Starland Group sent an elite team of about 15 people. They arrived at the venue to arrange everything in the early morning. Today's competition attracted nearly a thousand people to the scene to participate in the event, especially gathered many people interested in investment in emerging industries. Many people have visited our Eco Starland exhibition booth and interested in understanding more, a one-on-one consulting service is provided by our professional advisory team. In addition to providing leaflets at the booth, it also giving out free delicious dried durian.

This event has the assist of Alibaba's team and support, thus the response is good. In the future, Eco Starland will look for a better direction to enter a broader market platform, so that more people can understand the new development of the agricultural industry combined with new technology.


阿里巴巴集团控股有限公司举办第5届阿里巴巴全球诸神之战创客大赛(Create@ Contest)马来西亚总决赛,为顶尖科技初创企业提供机会,和主要中国风投家、商业领袖和阿里巴巴集团生态系统建立联系。





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