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Eco Starland professionally plants the Golden Fruits 易盛专业培育黄金果

20th April 2020 - Karak

At present, the durians from FruitFarm is at this particular stage of flowering and fruiting. Organic nutrients are applied every day to allow the roots of the durian tree to absorb the nutrients fully. In addition to adjusting the number of nutrients according to the growth of the fruit trees, the farm management team also needs to ensure the tidiness and sanitary of the farm, including the removal of dead leaves and weeds. Besides, we need to pay more attention to the health of the durian tree roots to grow healthy fruit trees and produce high-quality fruits.

A healthy and robust durian tree can produce more buds in the branches. In the early stage of flowering and fruiting, new buds can be found in the body of the durian tree. After 20 days, green buds slowly began to grow, one by one. When 40 days had passed, the flower buds gradually opened small petals. About a week later, the flowering period ends, and the park is full of stray flowers. After 60 days, you can see that the tree is starting to bear fruits, if you look close enough, and the small durian fruit looks like green lychee. One hundred days later, the durian continued to grow, and the round fruit hung high on the tree until the durian matured and fell naturally.

During the fruiting season, only by taking good care of the durian tree can we keep the fruit plump and healthy. If the weather's too hot and there isn't enough water for the plant, the durian tree will lack calcium and start dropping unripe fruit. To prevent this from happening, we will need to apply organic nutrients and sufficient water every day.

Eco Starland Group is committed to growing world-class durians, so there is a reason for concentrating all our farms in Pahang. The quality of Musang King Durians is famous all around the world, mainly because of the geology of minerals mixed with sand and gravel, and the extreme weather changes: hot in the morning, cooling at night. These are the keys to have a Musang King Durian with a rich taste. It can be seen that the development of a farm and a durian tree requires a lot of planning.







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