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Eco Starland Prosperity Appreciation Dinner 易盛旺年丰收尾牙宴

31 January 2019, Kuala Lumpur

With the incoming Chinese New Year, many companies will hold a year-end appreciation dinners as a gesture of gratitude to reward its employees for their past efforts and Eco Starland Group was no exception to celebrate this Spring Festival. This time, the company booked a sumptous Poon Choi - big bowl feast and prepared a 6 tables banquet for the company members to reunite and celebrate together.

In the morning, after the employees finished their tasks on hand, they began decorating the venue with each assigned to a certain task for the dinner. Some were in charged with decorations, some handled food and beverages. Preparations ran smoothly and by 6 pm in the evening everyone began to immerse in chatter while having drinks and durians.

A Lou Sang event is a must for the celebration of the New Year to bring good luck! Around 7 pm, everyone was ready for the Lou Sang. When it finally began, everyone began chanting words of prosperity like "Huat, Huat, Huat!",”prosperous and wealth rich”. While chanting, their chopsticks would carry and fling it high up. It is believed that the merrier the Lou Sang was, the better the coming year would be for everyone.

After the exciting Lou Sang event, everyone began to feast on the prepared banquet dish which includes abalone, prawns, chicken and duck meat, and pig feet etc. As they dig in the dish, there were more delicious surprises awaiting them. After a fulfilling dinner, the group began to happily indulge in karaoke sessions until late at night before ending the appreciation dinner.







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