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Eco Starland visited Tanah Merah to find the first Raja Kunyit Durian Tree 易盛集团探访丹那美拉寻觅第一棵坤玉王榴梿树

15 November 2018, Kelantan

To discover the mysterious Musang King Durian Tree, Eco Starland Group organized a visit to the state of Kelantan, where the Musang King durian first originated. With the help of the Group’s Cheif Farm Advisor, Mr Wee Yong Geap, we visited his former home to explore the origins of the ‘Raja Kunyit Durian’.

Our crew members assembled at around 4AM in the morning and headed towards Kelantan. Approximately at 6PM we reached Bentong and had breakfast before continuing the journey. As it was a long journey, we stopped for a rest after 3 hours of travelling.

The sceneries along the way from Kuala Lumpur to Tanah Merah were truly beautiful and mesmerizing. The sight of our beautiful mountains reminded visitors of China’s Yellow Mountains.

Upon reaching Tanah Merah, we then proceed to the former residence of Mr Wee Chong Beng (founder of Raja Kunyit Durian) with his son, Mr Wee Yong Geap to look for the first Raja Kunyit Durian Tree.

As Mr Wee Yong Geap saw his former home, he was filled with nostalgic memories and emotions. We looked around and saw bags of fertilizer that were left behind and imagined the hard efforts poured into building the farm.

A few Raja Kunyit Durian trees still stood strong and healthy and in great condition. After seeing the Raja Kunyit, Mr Wee then led us to Pulau Raya to visit Mr Chong and his wife to look at their historical old house where their family stayed for four generations. We also gained more understanding of the origins of the Kunyit Durian.

It was a trip that brought back valuable knowledge and experience. After lunch, we then headed back home.







老祖厝四周树木茂盛,在经过打理之后,默默屹立原地的数十棵坤玉王,依然枝叶繁茂,状态甚好。在看过了坤玉王榴梿树后,黄勇业随即带领我们到欢庆岛(Pulau Raya)拜访庄登文夫妇,参观他们流传了四代的百年古厝及历史文物,也进一步了解坤玉榴梿的出处和历史背景。


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