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Eco Starland with "Rich Dad" Robert Kiyosaki Create Financial Freedom 易盛向《富爸爸》罗伯特•清崎取经 打造财务自由

18~20th October 2019 – Guangzhou, China

The Eco Starland Group's working team went to Guangzhou, China to participate in the "Rich Dad Global Finance and Business Summit". During the three-day event, we had met many world-renowned financial business masters and professors. They had the opportunity to make close contact and make an unforgettable experience. During the three-day sharing session, more than 3,000 VIP were attending, and the audience interacted enthusiastically, pushing the summit to the climax.

Those who interested in the financial business will not miss the global bestseller, Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad", which has changed the fortunes of countless people. James Fan, the organizer of the event, is also a follower of Robert, who was inspired by Rich Dad and Poor Dad to further understand how to build passive income and even achieve financial freedom at the age of 40 after several years of hard work.

As the chief passive income earner in Asia and the founder of Fire Consultancy, James Fan stressed that investing in own brain is the best investment. The mission of setting up the Wealth Institute is to lead the students who are interested in achieving financial freedom, create value and practice ideals. He hopes to lead a million students in the future to create a passive income, achieve financial freedom, and retire early.

At "The Rich Dad Global Financial Business Summit", James Fan not only invited Robert Kiyoshi, but also included the study code research expert JW Wilson, "The Top Ten Reasons for the Rich People to Go Bankrupt" writer John McGregor, Asia leading speaker Liang Kai En, founder of financial science Zhou Wen Qiang and Chen Bao Chun, chairman of Cheng Zi Group.

A number of invited financial experts took turns to let everyone know about the "cash flow" game and proposed to start new ideas to change traditional wisdom, to get close to the current generation's views on money and investment, and new trends to create money future.

As the leader of high-tech agriculture in the era of innovation, Eco Starland Group never wanna miss this event. Promoting durian industry in Malaysia is gaining momentum and creating a new golden road. Many participants have the opportunity to visit Eco Starland Group, EcoFarm and FruitFarm to witness how to create high-return passive income and accelerate financial freedom through innovative agriculture.

On the last day of the summit, Eco Starland Group was honoured to receive the award of “Best Durian Plantation” from the rich dad, Robert Kiyosaki. This award adds a halo to the Eco Starland Group, and the status of the promotion has increased the confidence and affirmation.







在峰会的最后一天,易盛集团荣幸的从富爸爸 - 罗伯特•清崎老师手中获得「最佳榴梿园」的荣誉。这个奖励为易盛果园加上了光环,还有地位的提升,增加了莫大的信心及肯定。

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