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FruitFarm Durian tree in Confinement and Get Ready for Next Season 花果山榴梿树坐月子 为下一个产季做准备

15th September 2019 – Karak.

In the past season of durian, the most important thing is to let the durian trees to have a good "confinement". Adding the nutrients and conditioned fertilizers to the tree, so that the durian tree that bears the fruits in the past season can be replenished for the next production. Get prepared for the next season, which is the same as the principle that the postnatal care for woman. In addition, the administrator of FruitFarm has also collected the black net, waiting for the next durian season to come in handy.

In response to the problem of pest in FruitFar, Mr Wee Yong Giap paid special attention to and guided the staff of the farm to solve the problem. Under the instructions of Mr Wee, the problem was quickly solved. Mr Wee also took the opportunity to personally demonstrate the injection technology for the durian tree. Under one-on-one guidance, the staff quickly master the skill. Under the careful care of all parties, the four durian seedlings that have just been planted for one month are beginning to emerge with new branches.

On the other hand, FruitFarm currently adopted 2 puppies, which are expected to increase in the future. To better pampered these puppies, this month began to build a dog kennel. As for the road works, it is also carried out all effort currently. At first, dug a road that could surround the FruitFarm, and then proceeded with paving works. When construction completed, visitors to FruitFarm can use the transportation or walk to the top of the hill to view the whole farm.

To respond to the water supply needs of FruitFarm, the pond was covered with a large ditch and a bridge. The large ditch is mainly used to filter leaves, sand and rubbish, which is beneficial to better drainage and irrigation. This month, the water purifiers of the Lovers Bridge and the drainage ditch have been completed, which has improved the irrigation system of FruitFarm.







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