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EcoFarm growing steadily, FruitFarm changes its appearance 易盛园稳健成长 花果山耳目一新

10th August 2019 - Mentakab, Karak.

Since the ground-breaking ceremony that was held during October 2018, the 315 acres big EcoFarm started carrying out the process of large-scale enterprise-style durian planting. At the time, it took several months to clear the land. We had planted the durian seedlings after that. Now there are about 2,000 durian trees planted for more than half a year.

Eco Starland Group adheres to the original intention of planting good durians with care, and constantly introspects in the early stage of planting, hoping for excellence and being the best. We also found a lot of professional teams to discuss and focus on the development and promotion of green eco-tourism smart farming, through the introduction of the latest technology, maintenance of staff health and environmental safety management, all-round, multi-angle adhere to ecological balance, practising green environmental protection concept.

Of course, this is not a one-off event. It depends on the help of our professional team and the support from a lot of people with different specialities. Now the seedlings in the farm are growing up, and the number plates are easily customised. We will continue to optimize the environment and provide the best growing conditions, including the right amount of organic fertilizer, sufficient irrigation time, etc. Planting is not the most difficult, care is the key to growth. Therefore, in order to ensure that these small lives can grow steadily, EcoFarm will not be open to the public for a short period of time.

On the other side, FruitFarm's fruit harvest in this season is good, and it is expected to last until the end of the month. The pool project has come to an end. At present, there is sufficient water in the park, and the durian tree is bound to be better taken care of. Next, FruitFarm will build the path of the mountain, which is convenient for the peers. In the future, visitors can safely walk up the mountain and enjoy the scenery of the park at the highest point. Many plans are going on in succession. At that time, FruitFarm will be reinvented, so that everyone can shine brightly. Please be sure to wait and looking forward.






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