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Eco Starland Group participate in international agriculture technology 易盛集团到国际农业工艺展探索新知

27 Sep 2018-Shah Alam.

The 3rd Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition (Agri Malaysia 2018) held at Setia city convention centre in Shah Alam. A huge crowd of people gathered in the scene, in particular the experts and merchants of agriculture industry gathered and leading to a valuable and lively exchange of ideas and experiences.

With all great virtue and high prestige of Eco Starland Group management team including the President - Mr Lim, Chief Executive Officer - Miss Yirin Choo and Chief Farm Advisor - Mr Wee, also participated at this largest agricultural trade exhibition in Malaysia. The purpose of attending this exhibition was to improve in agriculture knowledge and explore the latest agriculture technology for future development as well as strengthen the relationship of the domestic and foreign businessman.

Furthermore, most notably was our respected Chief Farm Advisor - Mr Wee impressed by the innovative small tractors and agriculture vehicles that displayed in the exhibition. Hence, he took a ride to experience the stunning technology. Needless to say, the exhibition catered rich agriculture information; there were about 300 booths on display, including 42 overseas exhibitors from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia, the United States and Italy.

The Agri Malaysia Expo showed vast of new technology and products such as crop protection equipment, fertilisers, seed seedlings, agricultural tools and equipment, tractors and agricultural vehicles, irrigation equipment, biotechnology, crop harvesting equipment, and related services.

At last but not least, Mr Wee gained quite a few of experiences in new technology as well as helped to improve the future of agriculture business and skills. The new technology includes agricultural drones, agricultural all-terrain vehicles, high-pressure irrigation fertilisation pumps, traction unicycles, small dump trucks, and simulated smart farms.


第3届马来西亚国际农业工艺展(Agri Malaysia 2018)在雪州莎亚南实达城会展中心举行,现场人山人海,来自各行各业的专家及商家齐聚一堂,相互交流。





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