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Expert Start Classes To learn more about Market Advantages 被动收入专家开班细数市场优势

22nd February 2020 – Kuala Lumpur

A well-known Asian passive income expert from Hong Kong, James Sir, had come to Malaysia to start a class again!

This time, James Sir not only tells you how to create passive income in Asia, but also set your mind that you are not disadvantaged in the workplace, upholds the correct concept, and allows you to do psychological construction before striving for wealth freedom. And more, James Sir is open a small class basis to ensure the quality of the course, so that to could communicate well with each student.

After a simple ice-breaking ceremony, the course is conducted in an easy-talking manner. By interacting with the students, James Sir understands the dilemma and the future prospect. The entire process is broadcast live on Facebook so that students all over the world who are not able to come can have the opportunity to watch James Sir teaching online.

In the course, James Sir specifically mentioned that not only real estate in Malaysia deserves attention, but also many promising industries, including the Musang King durian, which cannot be ignored. Because of this, the durian planting industry has sprung up recently. But among many brands, which one deserves to be devoted, deeply understood and involved, depends on the efforts made by these companies.

He especially mentioned that the Eco Starland Group has won several professional certifications, which has made the products produced by the company's brand more reliable. Among them, the MyGAP certification that is highly valued which is the certification issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture represents that the farm under its standards is planted in accordance with standard operating procedures to grow safe, secure, and quality durians. In addition, with the registration certificate issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture D197 (Raja Kunyit, also known as Musang King), it also convinced that the durian varieties grown in its farm are the most authentic Musang King Durian.

In addition to having good varieties of trees, the hardware construction also needs to be very sophisticated to ensure that each tree is well-taken care and protected. Eco Starland Group is a leader in pioneering in the industry and first insurance company in Malaysia to be certified. The durian farm of the group is fully protected, which also highlights the company's high integrity business philosophy. Not only that, it actively develops smart durian planting, masters the farm operation mode with advance technology. It even received the "Best Durian Farm" award from “Rich Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki.

Malaysian plantation industry is currently on the cusp of the storm, and only by continuing to advance can it rush internationally. Therefore, in the deployment of the research and development team, we have also worked tirelessly to actively expand durian planting and production technology. To this end, Eco Starland Group has carried out industry-academia cooperation with the University of Nottingham, Malaysia to achieve talent cultivation, product development and technology research, and promote China's agricultural industry and intelligent technology development.

Only with the intention of giving, we can shine. To establish the value and integrity of the enterprise, there are no shortcuts. Eco Starland Group strives to create market advantage, step by step, and keep going.

2020年2月22日 - 吉隆坡讯。










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