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Flowers Blooming All Around the FruitFarm 花果山花开遍野 满园馨香

16th April 2019 - Karak

It’s almost fruit season, and flower buds can be seen blooming everywhere into beautiful flowers. Even fruit trees on the hillside have bloomed their colourful flowers, forming a flower trail, which is a magnificent view indeed. After the flowers have bloomed and metamorphosise, the trees in the farm are bound to be full of fruits.

Counting the fruit trees of FruitFarm, there is a wide variety of fruits like durian trees, papaya trees, rambutan trees, Japanese mangosteens, mango trees, lime trees, banana trees etc, which seems very promising. But of course, we can’t simply just wait for the sweet fruits to ripen. We must also take good care of the fruit trees, and only then would our customers have the opportunity to enjoy every fresh and scrumptious fruit.

To serve the best quality fruits, we need to have adequate water and nutrients, and ensure that all pests are eliminated. In addition to the innate conditions given by the earth, we need the hard work of farmers to produce the best we can. In order to welcome the beautiful durian season, the staff of Eco Starland visits FruitFarm every week to ensure that every tree is taken care of and every detail was taken and recorded.

Malaysia is a tropical country. Even though there is a lack of season changes, the fruit seasons have made up for this small shortcoming. Everyone will have the opportunity of participating and understanding the process of growing a durian tree from planting your very first durian seed to seeing the tree ripe with fruit. After the reconstruction of FruitFarm, we hope to welcome more friends who will have the chance of appreciating the beauty of these seasons, and the fruit trees will stand to show their vitality.







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