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Flowers Blooming and Aroma Durian All Around FruitFarm 花果山花开遍野 榴梿处处飘香

23rd June 2019 - Karak.

After FruitFarm was built by the skill of the farmer, the trees in the farm were full of vigour and vitality, and the flowers are blooming in the first season, making it a delightful surprise for everyone. Eco Starland owned the FruitFarm for nearly a year, and the farm went from a messy pile to the present, where flowers are blooming, and the results are quite satisfying and exciting.

Not only were high-quality Musang King Durians grown, but also a lot of other varieties have been carefully cared for, irrigated, and fertilised, and the texture of the flesh has continuously improved and is still improving. It’s obvious that as long as you planting with heart, you can overcome the disadvantages, as a result of making FruitFarm re-energise and rejuvenate. Not only durians, but the papayas and mangoes in the farm are also ripe and ready to be served, with rambutans and mangosteens coming next in line.

We must share our joy and success with others. So Eco Starland Group has welcomed the largest number of Malay delegations, and nearly 40 friends of compatriots came and visited FruitFarm. First, everyone took a group photo for commemorative purposes and then visited the farm. Since it’s the fruit season, special helmets have been specially prepared for visitors to wear for safety precautions.

Mr Tan, our exclusive tour, communicate with the visitors by Malay to make the visitors feel more cordial. In addition to visiting the durian trees in the park, Mr Tan further let visitors know of the latest trends in agriculture and the fiery degree of durians in the international market. Also, some techniques for planting durians are also shared with all visitors. As long as there is a question, Eco Starland tries their best to provide you with the best answer they could give.

Since Karak Nasi Lemak is very popular among visitors, Eco Starland has prepared it for visitors. Subsequently, a short video regarding Eco Starland will be broadcasted to let visitors learn more about the overall operation. However, the most exciting part of the trip is the finale, the durian tasting session. Unsurprisingly, among all the varieties of durians, the most popular is the Musang King Durian. At about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the event ends and the visitors leave the farm happy and satisfied.







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