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FruitFarm and EcoFarm Changes its Appearance 花果山、易盛园 改头换面第一发

10th July 2019 - Karak, Mentakab.

To plant the best Musang King durians possible, Eco Starland Group did not hesitate to rectify the farm, and the most important step is first to prepare sufficient water for the durian tree. There was originally a pool in FruitFarm, but the water volume is insufficient from a professional point of view, so we started deepening and widening the pool starting from this month.

During the start, there was only a single tractor at work, but then it increased to 2 of them for efficiency reasons, making the most out of it. First, the digging machine will launch a passageway, and then dug a deep ditch to facilitate the transport of soil and water division purpose. After that, we continue deepening the ditch, and it is expected to be completed in early August. At the moment, in a corner of FruitFarm, a small mountain is visible.

At present, more than 100 trees in FruitFarm are covered with durians, of which up to 90% are A grade durians. Although Eco Starland Group only took over the farm for about 3 months, the first season of fruiting is encouraging. The fruit trees have been carefully taken care of has produced better fruit quality, with better flavour and a more intense aroma. As the number of fruits is increasing, the workers in the farm are tightly installing black nets to prevent mature durians from falling directly to the ground. It is estimated that FruitFarm will increase the amount of fruit in August and ushered in the peak of this season.

On the other hand, EcoFarm has planted the Musang King saplings in succession. From a distance, overlooking the EcoFarm, you can see that the saplings of the trees are neatly arranged and ready to go. The staff also wears an ID for each tree and customises each number plate.

We continue to reorganise the land and dismantle the net to ensure that the seedlings are growing in the best environment. We believe that in the near future, Eco Starland Group will step on the track step by step, giving birth to a thriving Musang King tree, which will be displayed to everyone - Malaysia’s first professional farm that successfully planted a large number of Musang King trees.








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