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FruitFarm Latest News 道路工程顺利完工 喷灌系统启动作业

15th November 2019 - Karak.

The road project at FruitFarm was delayed because parts of the road are too inclined to be accepted. The management staff of the farm drove the car to the top of the mountain, and they carefully checked the safety and integrity of the bulldozing operation in various aspects and asked the construction unit to make adjustments. The monsoon season affects the overall operation progress, especially the construction progress. When the road conditions are poor, the routine maintenance of the farm becomes more difficult. Fortunately, in the end, everything went smoothly.

On the other hand, the two pumps for the irrigation systems have already been installed: one will be put into use immediately, while the other one will be a backup if the first one malfunctions. Due to the low position of the pump house, the workers dug channels along the periphery of the pump house to strengthen the drainage function to avoid flooding. This operation is expected to continue until the end of November. As for the part of pulling the water pipe, it is also in progress, and it is expected that it will be fully processed in two days. Machine operated fertiliser buckets need to be installed next. At the moment, the control panel has been moved to the pump room, waiting for workers to install it.

At the same time, the famous international irrigation system company Netafim also came to FruitFarm to install the sprinklers, which is also one of the most important projects for the farm. Sufficient sprinklers can ensure that the water travels into the soil evenly. The fertiliser and water that is mixed can be fully absorbed by the durian trees, especially at FruitFarm, where the matured durian trees are. Water and fertiliser are both very important factors, and each tree must have the same water supply. Only with sufficient water and nutrients can healthy matured trees be planted, because of large area spraying can promote nutrient absorption, making the trees grow faster, and healthier. .






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