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Hong Kong and Guangzhou Tour Groups Praises Malaysia Durians 香港广州参访团 赞大马榴梿销魂

3rd November 2019 - Mentakab, Karak.

The marketing director of Eco Starland Group, James Sir, took 40 students from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to EcoFarm for a field trip to understand the value of Malaysia’s durians.

Around 7 am, everyone was ready to leave for Mentakab, Pahang. They arrived at the first meeting point at about 8:30 am, and here they change their transportation to a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to enter EcoFarm. Many overseas students are visiting the farm for the first time, so it is a new experience for them, especially the people who chose to stand at the back of the four-wheel-drive vehicle. Even if the road was bumpy and dusty, it is still a special experience for many.

Upon arriving at the 315-acre EcoFarm, James Sir went ahead and checked if his own durian seedling has grown any taller. Sure enough, the small tree that was taken care of by an expert has now grown into a green and lush tree. During the visit, James Sir also explained to his students the market value of durian and the future development trend of the agricultural industry. Before leaving EcoFarm, everyone took a group photo.

At noon, everyone enjoyed authentic Chinese food while avoiding the hot sun in a restaurant. After a short break, everyone set off to FruitFarm for durian tasting. There are near hundreds of trees planted in FruitFarm, and they are all currently flourishing. Most of them are old Musang King trees, which James Sir mentioned the value of.

Although it is not the durian season, Eco Starland Group has prepared many delicious durians for the students. Everyone praised the Malaysian durians, from its taste to its texture, saying it is miles better than durians in Thailand. Even people who normally don't eat durian tries it out.

This trip ended happily after everyone marvelled at the beautiful taste of the Musang King Durian.


易盛集团市场董事即亚洲富爸爸范俊俭老师 - 尖sir,带着来自香港、广州的40位学生到易盛榴梿园进行实地考察,一起来了解马来西亚猫山王的价值所在。







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