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Industry-University Cooperation Creates Business Opportunities 产学合作创商机

15th February 2020 – Karak

To grow durian trees well, it depends on the efforts of the farm and the research of the development team. In order to get sufficient nutrition for each tree, Eco Starland Group recently considered the development of fertilizer manufacturing. Because of the industry-academia cooperation relationship with the University of Nottingham, the university team and fertilizer experts with professional knowledge background and practical experience, have been organized to create unique customized nutrients in the laboratory. The initial results of this research are encouraging. Through the use of an exclusive organic formula, the growth of the durian tree is significantly improved every month.

Therefore, Eco Starland Group expects to set up a research lab this year as a research and development centre to develop more reliable products. The use of our own nutrients makes us more confident in the durian tree we grow because the materials and ingredients used in it are under control. Not only is it organic, but it also ensures an environmentally friendly non-toxic formula.

The infrastructure of FruitFarm is basically in place. The fence is completed, and the road has been paved. Next, we will start to carry out landscaping projects, add beautiful decoration to the farm, and provide visitors with a comfortable and beautiful resting place. But again, in order to maintain the growth of the fruit trees in the farm and the natural landscape of the farm, FruitFarm is not open to the public. Friends who are interested in visiting please contact the staff of Eco Starland Group to make the best arrangements.

In order to uphold the environment-friendly practices, Eco Starland Group has set up two dog houses, on the top of FruitFarm and a larger dog house on flat ground. This is to avoid the squirrels and monkeys who smell the fragrance and eat fruits during the fruit season. By using the most primitive methods, not only the environment can be protected, but also the effect of expelling uninvited guests.

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