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Intelligent Irrigation System Create a Beautiful Home for Durian Trees 重金打造智能灌溉系统 谋略榴梿树的美好家园

10th January 2020 – Mentakab

The library of a school is like the academic lifeline of a school, and the most important of a farm is the irrigation system, to allow each tree to receive the most complete care and provide the best growing environment. Eco Starland Group does not hesitate to develop an intelligent irrigation system, which is to make EcoFarm a fully intelligent model farm.

It took several months to carry out the irrigation project in full swing, including three aspects: first, water source; second, the water source draws water to the irrigation area; and third, the temporary reserve water source. In terms of water source projects, EcoFarm has also successively dug ponds to store water and use landscape water as sources of water for sprinkler irrigation. The corresponding water source project, because the hinterland of EcoFarm is quite wide, it should build such as pump stations and ancillary facilities, water volume adjustment, etc., will be gradually expanded, and efforts will be made to develop intelligent irrigation systems.

When developing an irrigation system, must divide the area one by one and set up an intelligent pipe system. Its role is to transport and distribute water to the farm sprinklers with pressure. Each tree has been set up with a dedicated sprinkler to intelligently and regularly irrigate durian tree. This professional piping system is equipped with various attachments for connection and control, including gate valves, elbows and other joints.

The pump room can be operated electronically to regulate the irrigation system and set up to direct irrigation water from the water source to the corresponding farm area. Its role is to take water from the water source, pressurize the water, treat the water quality, inject nutrients, and control the system. It is the core lifeblood in the farm.

The pipeline intelligent irrigation system has the advantages of saving irrigation water, reducing channel occupation, improving irrigation efficiency and irrigation quality, and has become the main direction of modern intelligent irrigation technology evolution.








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