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James Sir and friends in Malaysia 尖SIR走佬嚟马拉 一班朋友齐齐High

19th August 2019 - Mentakab, Karak, Kuala Lumpur.

A heavyweight guest from Hong Kong – James Sir arrived in Malaysia last night. He brought 20 Hong Kong friends to Malaysia for market research and sightseeing. After a night of rest up, the whole team follow Eco Starland Group’ s team to explore and experience a truly Malaysia.

The first stop is to have breakfast at the Mamak stall with a unique local flavour, tried some local roti canai and teh tarik, experience the varied food culture. After a satisfied breakfast, we heading to Mentakab to visit EcoFarm, the 315-acres impressive durian farm. In the afternoon, we returned to Mentakab town and having a nostalgic meal in Weng Lok Restaurant. Although Hong Kong is an internationally renowned gourmet city, but the restaurant visited in this tour is giving distinctive Malaysia style of food, which every dish is highly appreciated by the visitors.

The next stop is FruitFarm, which allows Hong Kong friends to look at the actual operation of the durian farm, understand the durian cultivation technology, and have the opportunity to taste varies tropical fruits, including rambutan and duku. Different kind of durians like durian kampung, Tekka, D24, Red Prawn, Mini Cutie and of course the Musang King is being enjoyed by all. The whole group of Hong Kong visitors are highly satisfied with the durians. For the perfect ending, we serve frozen durian, to comfort and refresh everyone in this hot afternoon.

After the heart-wrenching and memorable durian meal, we set off to Genting Highland. We check-in at the hotel around 5pm. After a short rest, everyone gathered at the Chinese restaurant at 7:00 to enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Everyone is enjoying the food and drinks in this comfortable environment and interact with each others. Hong Kong friends have raised many questions to further understand the cultivation of durian.

Everyone kept chatting until 10.30pm, then returned to hotel for a good rest.


来自香港的重量级嘉宾 —— 尖Sir,带上20几位香港朋友一起到马来西亚做市场调查及观光。昨晚抵马之后,今早养足精神,跟随易盛集团工作人员的脚步,一起感受真正的马来西亚。






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