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Let's witness the wonderful of EcoFarm by Eco Starland 一起来见证易盛园精彩梿梿

17 Feb 2019, Kuala Lumpur

After attending the seminar, more than 10 visitors who wanted to witness the operation of durian farm set out from Kuala Lumpur to Pahang, Mentakab in the morning. About 11 o'clock in the morning, the party arrived in EcoFarm. The 315 acres wide land have been bulldozed, and some areas have been planted with neatly arranged durian seedlings, showing great vitality.

In addition, the artificial lake, which provides water for the park, also attracted the attention of visitors, who stepped forward to take photos. After inspecting the operation of EcoFarm, the group of people turned to the DurioFarm at 12:00 noon to see the century-old durian trees and nearly 30 different kinds of durian trees.

Visitors were able to understand the characteristics of various varieties of durian and professional durian cultivation method through the staff tour. Then they understand that it is not easy to plant a durian, but it requires the accumulation of experience and wisdom to feel the joy of harvest. Many people were curious about how to choose a delicious durian. But this is by no means a secret, as long as you have the opportunity to come to the DurioFarm for a tour, no matter what questions you have, the staff will do their best to satisfy you.

All the visitors went back home, feeling contented with their new knowledge.







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