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Looking for high quality durian plantations 寻觅优质的榴梿种植宝地

Sept. 4,2018-Perak.

To find the best place to plant durian trees, Eco Starland Group searched all over the country and saw a fertile land with good sunshine and good drainage.

On this day, the team came to Sungai Siput, Perak to inspect a piece of land that is more than 800 acres. They took about 6 hours journey to reach the destination. Everyone was excited when they saw such a big land.

From the main road into the forest, there are oil palm trees along the way. Although the path is narrow, the road conditions are still right. The team reached the peak and feels the breezing wind.

The work started with observation, soil test, environmental inspection, land planning and photo taking. It took about 2 hours for the operation process. After the report and work were done, the team left tiredly and rested along the way back.






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