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Malacca Tourists visits FruitFarm 古城访客 乐游花果山享榴梿

21st July 2019 - Karak.

Eco Starland Group continues to recruit followers, letting more people in Malaysia know about the company business and join the environmentally friendly planting industry. This time, there are more than 35 people from Malacca, Mentakab and Karak, coming to FruitFarm to see the real veil of the durian farm to understand its operation and progress.

In order to show sincerity, the staff left Kuala Lumpur early in the morning enter FruitFarm to welcome the visitors. At about 9:30 am, the visitors started arriving. First, the group took a photo together, and after that, we started our trip by climbing the mountain of FruitFarm. The visitors enjoyed the fruitful farm in the fruit season, showing vitality.

From the guide’s explanation process, you can learn the methods and details of durian planting and the trend of the current durian industry planning to China. After a half-hour tour, the visitors watched the company’s short introduction film while taking a break to learn more about the latest operations of the company’s EcoFarm and FruitFarm. Besides, they learned how to take care of the seedlings. After that, they had the chance to taste the well-known nasi lemak specially prepared by the staff. Lunch is not sloppy, the savory food was quickly swept away by the hungry visitors.

However, what is most looking forward to is the durian tasting session. First of all, the durian of all kinds of breeds was first introduced, and the visitors can’t stop eating, and finally the Musang King Durian makes its appearance saving the best for last. The return of the king of fruits and durians is really extraordinary. The taste of the Musang King, the aroma, the charm are all on the upper level, absolutely top. After tasting the delicious Musang King, visitors were very satisfied with this journey.






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