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“My Durian Farming Logbook” arrived Hong Kong International Book Fair 《我的榴梿种植笔记》登陆香港书展 国际媒体争相采访

17th July 2019 - Hong Kong.

Mr Wee Yong Geap’s “My Durian Farming Logbook” arrived at the international Hong Kong market. Eco Starland was invited and the event was organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It attracted many different media at the scene for interviews.

This trip to Hong Kong was attended by Mr KC Lim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eco Starland Group, and Ms Yirin Choo, Chief Executive Officer. The two group executive visited the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre early in the morning to inspect the venue.

This year’s Hong Kong Book Fair has entered the 30th year with the theme of “Science Fiction and Reasoning Literature”. More than 400 booksellers participated in the exhibition, and the short 7-day exhibition attracted nearly 1 million visitors.

Although Mr Wee himself could not attend the book fair, the organisers had still set up a famous lecture and display unit for his new book “My Durian Planting Logbook”. At the beginning of the event, the Chief Executive Officer, Yirin Choo, introduced the book to the local media and public, and analysed the recent development trend of the durian industry.

Chairman Mr KC Lim also assisted in the supplement. Although the explanation time was short, the people on the scene eagerly ask questions. The scene was very lively between questions and answers.

“My Durian Farming Logbook” has a good response in Hong Kong. We will welcome the new book sharing session again very soon, so stay tuned.







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