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New Year in 2020 Eco Starland Welcome All Visitors 金猪辞旧鼠迎新岁 易盛开工客似云来

30th January 2020 – Kuala Lumpur.

The start working date is very important for the Chinese, the so-called one-year plan lies in the spring. The year starts and everything is renewed. Everyone always hopes that in the new year, they will be able to add luck and prosperity, and everything will be smooth. To have good luck in the coming year, the opening of the New Year is a very important thing.

Eco Starland Group not only specially arranged the headquarters office, full of Chinese New Year joy, but also selected a good opening working day, and invited friends to the Eco Starland’s headquarters to come together to make a fortune and strength. The special year of Pig was selected on January 30th, the sixth day of the New Year's Day to start the commencement ceremony. Friends and partners were invited to the Eco Starland Group headquarters to join in the celebration. Early in the morning, staff arrived at the office to prepare for the event.

At about 10 am, guests arrived one after another. The chairman of the board of directors of Eco Starland Group, KC Lim, and the CEO, Yirin Choo, jointly carried out the commencement ceremony. For this reason, two roast pigs were specially ordered, which meant bringing luck and prosperity. The two senior executives of the group cut the roast pig from head to tail. Then, ask the three farm supervisors and managers to work together to cut another roast pig, hoping that everything will be successful and wealth will be prosperous.

In addition, the staff also prepared many dishes that brought good intentions, including: seven kinds of vegetables bringing good intentions; nian gao and rice cakes bringing auspicious; durian representing good luck, these all added a festive atmosphere to the office. After the ceremony, the roasted meat was cut and served to the guests for tasting. And golden fruit, durian is one of the essential dishes. The crispy roasted meat served with a light meal, plus the blessing of golden fruit, the guests at the scene talked and laughed and enjoyed themselves very much.

The start work ceremony was complete success, and the boss also distributed red packets to everyone during the event. Eco Starland wish you all a smooth and happy in this new year and good luck!








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