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Participants in Wealthreel talk about new trends in agriculture— Wealthreel说明会参与者热烈讨论农业新趋势

18 Feb 2019, Kuala Lumpur

Wealthreel held its first seminar after the continuous holiday of the New Year, attracting more than 30 people to learn about the latest trends of durian industry in China, including the market potential of Malaysian agricultural enterprises and the demand for durian in the international market.

The speaker, Benn prepared a simple and easy to understand briefing to help everyone to grasp the key points quickly. First of all, Benn gave a brief introduction to the group, and let them understand the international market competition situation and trend. Then, he further introduced the two leaders of the group -- Mr Lim Chin Khee and Mr Wee Yong Geap.

With Mr Lim's excellent planting experience, the quality of durian seedlings can be stable and have healthy growth, the fruit can bloom after 4-5 years. Mr Wee also makes sure that durian is free from diseases and insect pests and grows up healthily and smoothly. Of course, they also reported the development status and planning of the durian plantation and managed by Eco Starland Group, including the DurioFarm and EcoFarm.

By noon, after Benn Lee finished the presentation, many participants still wanted to know more details, so they continued to stay for group discussion. Brandon also provided assistance on the scene, hoping that all participants could have satisfactory answers and solve all questions. The three-hour presentation ended at 1 p.m.





一直到中午时分,Benn Lee报告完后,现场还有许多参与者还想要了解详情,于是继续留下来进行分组讨论,Brandon也在现场提供协助,希望参与者都可以有满意的答案及解答所有的谜团。最终历时3个小时的说明会在下午1点圆满结束。

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