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Performing Afforestation Musang King Tree Prefecture 执行植树造林 猫山王树专区

10th October 2019 - Mentakab

EcoFarm according to the plan to develop and clean up 100 acres of farmland. It is expected that nearly 3,000 seedlings will be planted in succession. Therefore, after reorganizing the farm, the farmers began marking the fixed points of planting and inserting wooden sticks as temporary boundaries. The durian seedlings, which has been carefully cared for, have grown and planted well.

The high-quality Musang King durian seedlings are not worried about being inspected, because all the saplings in this land are carefully cultivated by the farm managers and farmers to maintain the planting quality and tree spacing of the farm. In Eco Starland Group, we insist to create the most suitable growing environment for the cultivation of durian.

The organic fertilizers used in EcoFarm have all been rigorously tested and filtered, and we only use the most credible market brands. Only the best and sufficient nutrients are used to grow the healthiest durian tree and produce the best quality fruit. Therefore, under the control and observation of the team, these durian seedlings will be planted in the soil after they have adapted to the environment. Before this, the farmer's first to build a house, set up a tent for these durians seedling to ensure that each tree grows healthily in an excellent environment.

In addition, in order to enhance the safety of the farm, several puppies have been adopted to guard, ensuring that everything within the farm is under the control of the management.







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