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Preparation of EcoFarm ground-breaking ceremony 易盛园动土仪式行前准备

18 October 2018, Kuala Lumpur.

As the Eco Starland Group is actively expanding its operations, the group has been looking for fertile fields to plant durian trees. A 315 acres land was eventually selected and named the EcoFarm, with hopes for a great future ahead.

Two days before the ground-breaking ceremony, all staffs were already making preparations in Karak, including purchasing supplies, arranging guest accommodations and making on-site visits to ensure smooth operations. More than 50 guests gathered at the office in Mid Valley at 10 am on the day before to set off to Karak for the ground-breaking ceremony.

The group had lunch in Bukit Tinggi at around 11:30 am and continued their way until they reached the DurioFarm at 1 pm. After a short explanation and Q&A session by Benn Lee, the group moved to a cafe to enjoy a nice afternoon tea before moving into the homestay.

It was drizzling in the evening but the group was still happy to mingle with one another despite the cool weather. After dinner, everyone then headed for an early rest as they needed to prepare early the next morning for the ground-breaking ceremony.




在大约11点半抵达武吉丁宜的欢乐谷餐馆休息用餐,之后又继续赶路,直到中午1点抵达榴梿园,聆听讲师Benn Lee的解说,结束问答环节后,大约4点大伙转移阵地,找了一家茶餐室享用美好的下午茶,并入住加叻民宿。



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