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Professor Dr. Lam-our Chief R&D Consultant, was invited by aiFM to talk 易盛集团首席研发顾问林汉龙教授到爱FM畅谈榴梿新趋势

21 June 2019 - Kuala Lumpur.

Since last year August, Malaysia signed the "Malaysia-China Frozen Durian Export Inspection and Quarantine Cooperation Agreement" with China, and implemented the export high-quality famous durian from Malaysia to China finally in breakthrough progress. On June 17th this year, the first ceremony for the export of frozen shelled durians to China was conducted in the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Industry of Malaysia. The Minister of Agriculture and Agro-Industry of Malaysia, Salla Hudin, and the China Ambassador in Malaysia, Bai Tian, are attended the event and witness the first batch of 4 tons of Musang King durians shipping to China.

According to media reports, the relevant departments estimate that, at least 1,000 tons of high-quality Malaysia durian will be exported to China every month in the future, which will bring the country's exports of RM500 million in a year, and further help narrow the trade surplus between the two countries. This exciting news brought the durian boom to another peak.

Professor Lin Han Long, the chief research and development consultant of Eco Starland Group, was invited to the Ai FM radio station to receive an exclusive interview. After that, he once again to Ai FM to comment on the new trend caused by the export of local durians to China. Please click on the video above to learn more.

2019年6月21日 - 吉隆坡讯。





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